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Empowering Solar and Battery Systems with IntelliCharge.AI for a Sustainable Future


Unlock Savings & Sustainability

Ready to reduce your electricity bills and your carbon footprint effortlessly?

IntelliCharge.AI offers a simple, user-friendly dashboard for immediate energy optimization.

Sign up, create your account, and start transforming your energy use today!

What we do for our partners and customers

IntelliCharge.AI delivers over 30% in savings when the system is activated along with a battery system.


Learn About Our Platform

Explore our platform service, centered around the AI charging plan, which optimizes energy consumption. Customers can access historical data, real-time pricing updates, and relevant information such as weather and location data. IntelliCharge.AI allows easy monitoring of solar energy production, battery status, and usage. Customize your experience with account settings tailored to your preferences.

Our Story

Founded in 2022 in Odense, AIPOWER is an innovative company backed by a dedicated team of five experts.

Our flagship product, IntelliCharge.AI, ensures that users play an active role in building a sustainable future.

We are driven by innovation and a deep desire to make a positive contribution to the world. Our approach combines profound technological insight with a strong commitment to sustainability.

We view technology as a catalyst for change, and we are convinced that our solutions can help shape a greener and more sustainable future.

Discover more about IntelliCharge.AI below.

Our Vision

We are committed to a greener future, assisting individuals in automatically reducing their CO2 emissions, aligning with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

IntelliCharge.AI aims to be the primary data provider for solar and battery manufacturers, helping customers in cutting costs and decreasing their carbon footprint.

We directly contribute to achieving Global Goal 7 (Affordable and Clean Energy) and Global Goal 13 (Climate Action).

Join our mission towards an innovative and sustainable energy future for a better world.


IntelliCharge.AI is revolutionizing energy management through the integration of AI and machine learning, capitalizing on critical data such as weather forecasts, electricity pricing, and historical usage patterns.

Our sophisticated platform independently fine-tunes electricity charging and consumption processes, delivering over 30% savings on electricity bills while significantly diminishing CO2 emissions.

Dive deeper into the capabilities of our cutting-edge technology below, and see how IntelliCharge.AI is setting new standards in efficient energy management.

Who are we
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