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Solplanet & IntelliCharge.AI

Welcome to the Future of Redefining Energy Optimization Standards

AIPOWER proudly announces its groundbreaking partnership with Solplanet, introducing IntelliCharge.AI to all their hybrid inverter systems. This collaboration revolutionizes energy management, offering significant savings on electricity bills and reducing CO2 emissions.

We are proud to see Solplanet at the forefront of integrating cutting-edge technologies such as IntellliCharge.AI. Choose your subscriptions type
 below, to get access to IntelliCharge.AI. 


AIPOWER's Pioneering Partnership with Solplanet for a Sustainable Future

Through this partnership, we aim to create a global impact by redefining how households use energy. Our intelligent energy management system customizes electricity consumption to individual usage patterns and solar production, providing precise and personalized energy plan.

This groundbreaking partnership will create a global impact. AIPOWER and IntelliCharge.AI, in conjunction with Solplanet, are excited to spearhead this revolutionary shift toward a sustainable and eco-friendly future.


Together, we are prepared to lead the charge, influencing a positive transformation one household at a time and bringing us nearer to a shared vision of a sustainable future.

Read more about Solplanet below.


Get 30 Days of  Free Trial

Choose the subscription that best fits your needs and start benefiting from AI optimization for your system today.

*Note: Not all types of energy storage systems are supported by IntelliCharge.AI.

*Your trial period begins only after we have integrated your system with our IntelliCharge.AI solution.

Solplanet & IntelliCharge.AI will provide you with:

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