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Discover answers to your most frequently asked questions about our solutions in our extensive FAQ section. 

If you don't find the information you're seeking here or on our website, please feel free to contact us through our contact page. We're here to provide you with assistance!

Discover Answers to Your Questions Below

1. Who is behind IntelliCharge.AI?

IntelliCharge.AI is developed by AI Power, a Danish team with extensive expertise in AI technology.

2. What savings can I expect with AI management?

With AI management, you can anticipate substantial savings and environmental improvements. Our software supports sustainable energy use, potentially cutting CO2 emissions by up to 30%. It also delivers 27-45% savings on electricity bills compared to systems without IntelliCharge.AI.

3. How long does it take for AI to take control?

For new installations, it takes up to a week for AI to collect enough data to take control and ensure optimal operation.

4. Do I need to do anything once the system is operational?

Once the system is up and running, it operates fully automatically, and the customer doesn't need to make any further adjustments.

5. Can I purchase the system abroad and activate IntelliCharge.AI?

IntelliCharge.AI can only be activated on systems sold through the official Danish sales channels.

6. Can I monitor the system myself?

Yes, customers receive their own login to IntelliCharge.AI, allowing them to track charging schedules, savings, and daily electricity prices.

7. Are there extra tasks for distributors?

No, there are no additional tasks for distributors associated with this feature.

8. What about data security?

All data is stored in Denmark with backup servers in the EU. IntelliCharge.AI never sends sensitive personal data; the only data transmitted from our services are charging commands to the inverters.

9. Is support available?

Yes, IntelliCharge.AI provides support through a team of dedicated Danish specialists who are ready to offer assistance and guidance regarding the software part of the service.

10. Who is responsible for any issues with IntelliCharge.AI? 

IntelliCharge.AI is an optional service provided by AIPOWER, and the inverter manufacture is therefore not responsible for any challenges that may arise in connection with the use of IntelliCharge.AI.

11. What do distributors receive?

Distributors receive all necessary materials to ensure a positive and secure customer experience.

12. When will the system be available?

The system is available for sale since November 1, 2023.

13. Is the system free?

No, the system is not free. While customers can expect to save a minimum of 2,500 DKK annually on average by using IntelliCharge.AI, they must either purchase a license for the system or subscribe to a plan.

14. What is the price of the basic system?

The price starts at 89 DKK per month, but there is also an option to purchase annual and lifetime subscription.

15. What is the cost of the basic service?

The price of the basic service (monthly subscription) is fixed and will not be raised in the future.​

16. Does IntelliCharge.AI work with all inverters?

No, IntelliCharge.AI is initially designed to work exclusively with Solplanet inverters.​

17. Is there a trial period?

Everyone who signs up will receive a minimum 30-day free trial period, which starts from the moment their system is live and creating automatic charging schedules.

18. Who is the system designed for?

The system is ideal for customers who either have a solar plant or want to install one and thereby make a positive environmental impact without changing their daily routines. It is also for those who want to optimize their savings but don't want to spend hours each day monitoring spot prices, tariffs, and fees.

19. What is agreed with the end customer regarding the administration role? 

Upon entering the agreement, it is agreed that AI Power assumes responsibility and the administration role for the specific system. This agreement remains valid as long as the customer's subscription with AI Power is active and paid for.

20. What is the duration of the subscription-based lifetime of IntelliCharge.AI?

A lifetime subscription is valid for 10 years.

21. What happens if the inverter malfunctions during the warranty period and needs replacement?

In the event that the inverter needs to be replaced within the warranty period, the lifetime subscription will continue to be valid for the new inverter. Both the start and end dates of the subscription are based on the purchase date of the original inverter.

22. Are the various subscription prices included in the calculations for IntelliCharge.AI savings?

No, currently, the savings calculations do not incorporate different subscription plans, distributor prices, and other factors.

23. Does IntelliCharge factor in electricity tax deductions for homeowners with annual usage over 4,000 kWh?

Private customers in Denmark with an annual electricity usage exceeding 4,000 kWh, who primarily use electric heating, are eligible for a reduction in electricity tax. While our IntelliCharge system incorporates this factor in optimizing user energy consumption, the impact on savings is indirect. This is because the electricity tax is a fixed charge per kWh and remains constant, regardless of consumption patterns.

IntelliCharge's strength lies in enabling customers to shift their energy usage to times when rates are lower, benefitting from the same tax rate but at a reduced overall cost. The key factors influencing savings are the variable components of electricity pricing, like the spot price and network tariffs, which fluctuate throughout the day. By intelligently adapting to these price changes, IntelliCharge ensures maximum savings for users.

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