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Beta test the future of solar energy control for Huawei Systems! 

Be among the first to experience automated, dynamic and intelligent control of Huawei's solar energy systems with IntelliCharge.AI.

This summer, we are launching an exclusive beta test in Denmark of groundbreaking smart features for Huawei systems. Don’t miss your chance to join us in pioneering the next wave of solar energy innovation. Register now and be part of this exciting journey! 


Compatibility with Huawei and IntelliCharge.AI

Communication between IntelliCharge.AI and Huawei inverters occurs through the system's dongle and requires no additional hardware.

The dongle must be one of the following versions, which can be seen on the back of the dongle:

  • Smart DongleA-05(AP+STA) 02312QMV - (004)

  • Smart DongleB-06-EU(No SIM Card) 02314ALM - (003)

Systems Included in Beta Test

IntelliCharge.AI is compatible with Huawei hybrid inverters with one or more battery systems:

  • SUN2000-(3KTL-20KTL)-M0

  • SUN2000-(3KTL-12KTL)-M1

  • SUN2000-(8KTL-20KTL)-M2

  • SUN2000-(20KTL-40KTL)-M3

  • SUN2000-(50KTL-ZHM3, 50KTL-M3)

  • SUN2000-(12KTL-25KTL)-M5

  • SUN2000-(100KTL, 110KTL, 115KTL)-M2

*Older systems without the correct firmware and dongle are not expected to function. The inverter must not be cascaded with additional inverters. If such a connection exists, it must be modified before installation begins.

The IntelliCharge.AI service is a third-party service that works with Huawei systems and is provided by AI Power.

Join our beta test and experience advanced AI features for your Huawei solar energy systems with IntelliCharge.AI.

Skærmbillede 2024-07-16 154239.png

New Summer Features Tested 

Dynamic Buying and Selling of Electricity

AI estimates tomorrow's consumption so that the system can maximize revenues. This is based on spot prices, taxes, and tariffs. By knowing the future, you can buy electricity cheaply and sell surplus energy to the grid during high-price periods.

Maximize Morning

The system can avoid charging the battery in the morning to maximize customer revenue. Often, exporting new PV energy when selling prices are high in the morning compared to later in the day, when the battery is charged instead.

New AI Curves

Users will now see five AI-driven estimated future plans, including:

  • AI plan for solar energy production and household consumption for the next 24 hours

  • AI SOC Plan (an overall AI plan for the battery)

  • Plan for import from the grid

  • Export to the grid

Active Export from Battery to Grid

IntelliCharge.AI exports surplus electricity from users' batteries when AI and the weather forecast predict sunshine. This is done to increase profits and ensure space for the user's own "free" to be produced solar energy the next day.

Dynamic Activation of Zero Export of Solar Energy

With many hundreds of hours with negative selling prices, the system should limit the sale of solar energy to the grid during these periods. This actively minimizes financial losses. The goal is to only cover the house's consumption.


Join Our Danish
Beta Program for Free

If you have an existing Huawei system or if you are a Huawei electrician or installer, please follow the appropriate link below to sign up as a beta tester:

End Customers

Are you a private customer in Denmark  with an existing Huawei system who wants to experience fully automated and intelligent control from IntelliCharge.AI?

Click bellow to sign up as a beta tester for our IntelliCharge.AI solution and start your journey towards smarter energy management.


Are you an installer or a professional working with Huawei systems in Denmark? Sign up as a beta tester with Co2Pro.

Besides beta test access, you will gain access to specialized resources designed to help you understand the possibilities of intelligent solutions in your projects.

Be aware that there is no garantee you will be selected, but when registering, you will sure be among the first ones to get a good offer on IntelliCharge.AI solution when it goes live. 

IntelliCharge.AI service is a third-party service that works with Huawei systems and is provided by AI Power. This service is not directly from Huawei. AI Power has developed the IntelliCharge.AI service and guarantees its operations.

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